Attack The Front — Curated Front-End Articles

“Let’s be honest. People are messy. Organizations are incredibly dumb. Code can look like spaghetti.”

“As browsers constantly improve their graphical rendering abilities, the ability to truly design within them is becoming more of a reality.”

“But remember, just because you can ride a bike doesn’t mean you’ll win a stage of the Tour de France.”

“As each design is abstracted into a pattern, it becomes easy to see where consistent components can be extracted out of multiple patterns.”

“Reducing dependencies improves the likelihood that your site will be usable by the greatest number of people in the widest variety of scenarios.”

“Pretending that millions of Opera Mini users don’t exist isn’t a viable strategy. They too are people who want to communicate, to access information, to be empowered, and to love.”

“When thinking in the context of customer experience design, the reasons against presenting products are straightforward.”

“While I’m a big proponent of progressive enhancement, I think our understanding is yet incomplete and our practices need to be improved continually.”

“User interface design is meaningless unless you put the user at the heart of all your focus and attention.”

“If you want to maximize addictiveness, all tech designers need to do is link a user’s action (like pulling a lever) with a variable reward.”

“The problem for designers is that to make an interface for VR you need to have specialist skills, and be able to program in 3D. How many UI designers do you know who can do that?”

“Our classes provide little insight into what we’re actually trying to define. Even when we do have semantic and meaningful markup, we end up redefining it with CSS classes that are inherently arbitrary.”

“Designing for VR should not mean transferring 2D practices to 3D, but finding a new paradigm.”

“In all forms of innovation, the danger (and the thrill) lies in the fact that beforehand you don’t know if you’re going to succeed.”

“When it comes to optimizing our content for large-scale displays, we shouldn’t stop short of common desktop resolutions.”

“Should I bother resizing this 6,000 pixel image? Nah, let the browser do it, works for me.”

“The paradox is that there are probably too many typefaces, and yet there can never be enough.”

“It’s a privilege to be able to use breaking edge technologies and devices, but let’s not forget basic accessibility and progressive enhancement.”

“Visuals are transmitted to the brain much faster and important pieces of information are often fixed by brain as visual images even if they were obtained via text perception.”